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A gallery is a space used for exhibiting works of creative art. A greeting card gallery often consists of aisles of display stands with cards stacked neatly on them. The cards are stacked according to occasions and are displayed in a manner such that the customers can take time in choosing a card. Many of the greeting card manufacturers send their stocks to the shops to be displayed since they cannot afford to open their own stores. The major greeting card companies are few in number, but they usually have their own brand outlets. The three major names in greeting cards are Hallmark, American Greetings and Archies Limited. provides you with details on various greeting card galleries. The card stores are called galleries since the cards and other items are displayed in the manner similar to display of items in art museums or galleries. highlights the collections and creative strategies of the reputed greeting card brands like Hallmark, American Greeting Store or Archies. The site would also prescribes useful tips on the art of choosing a right card keeping in mind the age, sex, interests of the receiver and last but not the least the occasion. The greeting cards are highly relation specific ones and the galleries come up with an organized display of the cards under sections like Father;s Day cards or Christmas Celebrations. The site would introduce you all to the latest trends of this emerging gretting card business and the categories of the same. Celebrate every moment with!